Meet Jojo Cinnabun


Bun Type: Red Satin

AKA: The Bun that Launched a Thousand Buns

Job Title: President of Bunny Town

Favorite Past Time: Building utopia

Life Story: The captain of Bunny Town, Jojo Cinnabun was born in Massachusetts in 2015. Jojo displayed leadership from the nest box, guiding his litter mates down to New York's Sheep and Wool Festival—where Jess fell madly in love with him at first cuddle. Upon moving to Brooklyn and being appointed President of Bunny Town, Jojo rapidly hired key staff members to make his vision of a self-sustaining co-op hop to life. While many buns would consider forming a Big Apple bunny society the accomplishment of a lifetime, Jojo is most proud of his role as Dad to Baby Jojo and Velveeta

Quotes to Live By: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I peed on both of them, and that has made all the difference.

Yarns by Jojo Cinnabun