Cute for a Cause

Founded by Oliver Moliver in 2020, Cute for a Cause is our buns-give-back community outreach program in which a portion of all yarn sales is donated to Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Brooklyn. SCAR is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter that has saved thousands of dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, and reptiles in its 20+ year history.

Jess first met Sean and his crew in 2014 when she adopted Benjamin Button the guinea pig, and later adopted the buns' big sister Joy (aka Muppet Puppet) in 2018. Joy, Jess, and the buns also foster very young & senior puppers from SCAR as the need arises until they find their forever homes.

Of his program, Oliver Moliver describes:

"One day I was looking at myself in the mirror and thought 'My God, am I adorable.' I realized that by being so indescribably & irresistibly cute, I had a moral responsibility to use my teddybear-meets-unicorn fluff for the good of others, and Cute for a Cause was born. 

Each time someone buys yarn made with our magical floof, we donate a percentage to Sean Casey Animal Rescue to help the cats and turtles and puppers. We are all very proud to support these creatures in need, especially those who don't have any magical floof of their own." 

To learn more about Sean Casey and his crew, visit them online.