Meet Heidi Klum


Bun Type: White Giant

AKA: The Bunny

Job Title: Fashion Director, Project Bunway

Favorite Past Time: Shaking her ears on the catwalk

Life Story: Born in upstate New York, Heidi Klum moved to Brooklyn at the tender age of 3 months to rock the catwalks of Bunny Town. While Heidi has a natural affinity for always looking stunning on and off the runway, even more striking is her natural talent for making other buns look their best. She put this gift to great use in the 2017 launch of Project Bunway, a self-affirming reality tv show designed to help buns look and feel fabulous inside and out. 

Quotes to Live By: I'm too sexy for my yarn. Too sexy for my yarn. Sexiest bun in the barn!

Yarns by Heidi Klum