Once upon a time, there was a bun in Brooklyn named Tommy the Train. Tommy was a pure snow white bun with pink eyes—incredibly handsome by everyone's opinion. But in his own eyes, looking at all the other vividly colored buns in Bunny Town, all he wanted was to be bright and colorful—not just the plain white he saw in the mirror. 

But then one morning Tommy remembered: "Wait a minute! I have magical floof! I bet if I try really hard, I can be any color I want!" And that's just what Tommy did. He tried and tried, and with a whole lot of determination, a dash of magic, and a little bit of Jacquard dye, he became the magical technicolor bunicorn he always dreamed of. 

Made to order—yarn will ship approx. two weeks from order date. (Shipping timelines are decided by Local 801, the Bunny Town union).

  • Super Bulky
  • 5 WPI
  • Angora, alpaca, superfine merino
  • Dry clean or hand wash cold, dry flat